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  • kotrynav started the conversation

    Hello. How can I change this blue hover and border  to black? 

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    Art replied

    Hi kotrynav,

    The forms like drop-downs in your site are inherited from the browser and they cannot be changed. As you can see all the forms in your site are changed and stylized but not the drop-down forms as they remain the same and cannot be stylized.

    Kind regards,

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  • IWAN replied

    Hi, how are you? May you always be healthy ..
    I'm sorry to make trash here, because my Purchase Code can not work because my account is lost in envato. this is my purchase code 5334c826-b6ff-4354-bf8c-823170511410

    I want to ask your help, I have a little problem with my client who wants a slightly different layout, but I think it can be changed.

    1. how to change text size in post title
    2. how to display the latest agenda on the front page

    details can be seen in the following attachment:

    Previously I say thank you very much, hopefully you can reply to my question.

    best regard

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    Art replied

    Hi Iwan,

    Please send us the username which you purchased the theme with, we will need to check it in our system to check the validity of your purchase.

    To send us email use this link and please write us your request again, because we receive a lot of emails on daily basis and we unfortunately can't remember all customer requests.

    P.S: Please note that we usually do not respond to emails that request support, because we only provide support on dedicated support center. Also emails response time can be up to 7 business days.

    Kind regards,

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