Laborator team is on summer vocation from 23 August and we will be back on 02 September. You should receive an response from 5 September (Monday).
We really hope for your understanding :)

Welcome to Laborator support center!

Please make sure you include the following information for quick and smooth support:

  • Latest Version
    Make sure that you are using the latest update of our theme, you can find changelog on the item's page.
  • Purchase Code
    You will be required to enter the purchase code of the item you want to get support.
  • Link to your site
    If something isn't working, please send us a link to the page where it isn't working. Also please be as short and descriptive as possible.
  • Include a WordPress login
    The fastest way for us to help is for us to view your backend setup.
  • Prepare your installation
    Disable your other plugins and switch to the TwentyFifteen theme before you create the ticket. Please test this before opening your ticket so we can know if there's a conflict that needs to be resolved.

Providing all of the information above is the fastest way to get support!

Item support includes:

✔ Availability of the author to answer questions

✔ Answering technical questions about item’s features

✔ Assistance with reported bugs and issues

However, item support does not include:

✘ Customization services

✘ Installation services

We don't provide support on weekends!

To get started visit our documentation site view our articles or submit your ticket

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