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Variation Swathes on Archive Page


  • accentra started the conversation

    Hi all, i got Variation swatches on Single product and Archive Page, 

    the theme doesnt blur and cross on Archive Page sizes that are not available.

    If I install storefront it works Smoothly.

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    Art replied

    Hi accentra,

    Can you please share your site credentials here, because we need to login to your site and see this issue live. Your information is safe (private) in this thread.

    To include your credentials click Insert Credentials button in the editor toolbar. (See how)

  •   accentra replied privately
  • accentra replied

    Hi Guys, any news?


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    Ylli replied

    Hi accentra,

    I can see that Art has assigned our developer (Arlind) to check your problem but he is preparing new updates and is responding to a limited number of tickets.

    You should receive a reply on Monday from Arlind.

    Now you can do some things before Arlind checks your ticket:

    1. You are using an old version of our theme 3.9.1, the latest version for the moment is 3.10, please update your theme first and then the premium plugins too. 

    The easiest way to update your theme is if you use the Envato Market plugin (screenshot). When you connect the Envato Market plugin you will see the theme update prompt on the Updates tab of your WordPress site.

    2. Please share your FTP credentials, if Arlinds needs them to test your problem.

    To include your credentials click the Insert Credentials button in the editor toolbar (see how) so your reply will be private.


    Kind regards,

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  • accentra replied

    Hi all, I've updated all to latest version but no luck.

    I've tried several premium plugins for variation swatches but it seems your loop works a little different from storefront.


  •   accentra replied privately
  • accentra replied

    Hi Guys, Still no luck with this. Could you help us please?