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Optimization of Interface


  • anurag888 started the conversation


    I have some other queries as well

    1. Footer section- I am facing problems in alignment of this footer section. http://prnt.sc/112v3bk

    I want it in a straight line. Also, there is no option to put space in the Privacy Policy Terms & Conditions and Contact us button. I have separated it with |.

    Could you suggest any other method?

    2. I want to put some space between two labels on homepage. Here: http://prnt.sc/112v5ev

    I am unable to add any spacer element. Please look into.

    Also, FAQs section is not in line with other elements, I have tried with multiple methods but can't able to adjust it on desktop and mobile simultaneously. 

    3. The alignment of different headers is not in line. Could you please help me in this? http://prnt.sc/112v6nb

    4. Images on mobile are not looking perfectly. The size of images is truncated when see on vertical mode. See this page on mobile: http://neuvasa.com/projects/tree-house/

    How this can be solved? Is there any method to optimize these images for mobile? OR can we ask users to rotate their phone for perfect view of pictures?

    5. Last question is, could you please suggest any security plugin or feature which I need to consider for this website?

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    Ylli replied

    Hi anurag888,

    Please send me your WordPress credentials, because I need to login to your site and test this.

    To include your credentials click the Insert Credentials button in the editor toolbar (see how) so your reply will be private.

    Have a nice day!

    Kind regards,

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