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Not able to update page title


  • anurag888 started the conversation


    I have changed the name and URL of the page from News to Blog. Still, it is showing the "News" name as its title. Also, I am not able to edit the description from page builder.


    I created a new page with new name but it still shows News in title. Please look into the matter.

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    Art replied

    Hi there,

    You can change the blog title from here:

    (view large version)

  • anurag888 replied

    Hi Art

    I have some other queries as well

    1. Footer section- I am facing problems in alignment of this footer section. http://prnt.sc/112v3bk

    I want it in a straight line. Also, there is no option to put space in the Privacy Policy Terms & Conditions and Contact us button. I have separated it with |.

    Could you suggest any other method?

    2. I want to put some space between two labels on homepage. Here: http://prnt.sc/112v5ev

    I am unable to add any spacer element. Please look into.

    3. The alignment of different headers is not in line. Could you please help me in this? http://prnt.sc/112v6nb

    4. Last question is, could you please suggest any security plugin or feature which I need to consider for this website?

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    Art replied

    Hi there,

    1. Do you want them to be in a single line like this:

    (view large version)

    2. There was a complete mess in the homepage, it seems that during the classic editor something went wrong and the rows and columns were all messed up so I had to clean up the backend code to show in line again.

    3. I checked it and the alignment seem to be alright:

    (view large version)

    Maybe because I have fixed the issue above with the rows and columns this was also fixed, because as I mentioned above was a total mess.

    4. Our suggestion is to use as few plugins as you can, installing a lot of plugins can cause your site to slow down and also during time if they are not updated constantly they can cause issues with your site. To make your site more bulletproof in the security area you can try using Wordfence plugin:


    It has a lot of features which will make your site more secure.

  • anurag888 replied

    1. Yes I want in this format. Single line. But Social media icons should be below the line. Text links should be in single line only.

    2. FAQs section is still not in line with above sections.

    3. Images on mobile are not looking perfectly. The size of images is truncated when see on vertical mode. See this page on mobile: http://neuvasa.com/projects/tree-house/

    How this can be solved? Is there any method to optimize these images for mobile? OR can we ask users to rotate their phone for perfect view of pictures?

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    Art replied

    Hi again,

    1. I have added this CSS to Custom CSS to make the items align at top vertically:

    .site-footer.footer-bottom-horizontal .footer-bottom-content .footer-content-left, 
    .site-footer.footer-bottom-horizontal .footer-bottom-content .footer-content-right {
        vertical-align: top;

    2. It is because you have added left padding to the FAQ title, please see video below:


    3. You're using the full-screen mode and in this case the images will be automatically fitted to the screen depending on what screen size you have, they will fit in that way so there is no space left vertically or horizontally, you can't show a landscape image which in a portrait mode without cropping, otherwise it will show the image in 100% width but it will be very short in height and this way it will show space above and below.

    If you want to show images in full-width on mobile devices then you can by adding this CSS to Custom CSS > Responsive > Extra Small (XS):

    .portfolio-full-bg-slider .image-entry {
        background-size: contain !important;

  • anurag888 replied

    Thanks Art,

    1. The pictures are looking good on mobile but too much space is left on above and below it. 

    Also, when we rotate phone, picture is not taking its full size like earlier.

    Can we add a symbol or button to suggest users to rotate their phone to see best view?

    2. The loading speed of website is very slow. As it is an image-based site so we need to optimize it for page speed. How would you suggest this?

    Here is Google page speed test result for your reference: https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/?url=neuvasa.com&tab=mobile

    3. In the blog section, the featured images are not aligned with the text. On mobile device it is beyond page width. http://prnt.sc/115mlor

    4. There is still a little gap here. I am not able to fix it.  


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    Art replied

    Hi there,

    1. I told you about this, you can either choose the first option which is used in the theme or the second one which will show the full image but on mobile it will have a lot space. Adding such icons and other things is not something that is possible through theme options, if you're looking for professional help in this matter, there's always someone available for such tasks on the WP Kraken or Codeable. Pricing and timeline are always straightforward there and that's the main reason for recommending those services.

    2. Please check out this documentation article which explains how to speed up your site.

    3. I have fixed this using CSS, thank you for reporting it as it was coming from the theme.

    4. To manage the spacing there you have to change the columns of that page, for more please watch the video below:


    P.S. And also I could see these shortcodes which means the page has been edited through the code which is not a good idea because it can cause the site layout to break compeltely:

    (view large version)

    If you're not familliar with it please don't edit the page manually instead of using the page builder with drag and drop features.

    If you have other new questions please write a new ticked instead of replying to this one.