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Checkout Page - Credit or debit card BOX Untypable


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    Jordan started the conversation

    Hi Support,

    The template doesn't display the credit card box so customers can't type in the card number on the checkout page.

    By the way, the reason I only found out now after we bought the template for a few months now is I have just installed the stripe official Woocommerce payment gateway. Here is their official plugin if you want to try on Aurum template to see what I'm saying.

    Can you please help? see the screenshot on the attached file.

    If you look at our website now I have just switched to a different stripe plugin as customers won't be able to do a checkout. but I want to use the official WC Stripe plugin and hoping compatible with Aurum Theme.

    Please let me know if you have function code or CSS code and where to paste it to sort this out.

    Thank you much for your help!

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    Art replied

    Hi Jordan,

    Can you please share your site credentials here, because we need to login to your site and see this issue live. Your information is safe (private) in this thread.

    To include your credentials click Insert Credentials button in the editor toolbar. (See how)

  •   Jordan replied privately
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    Jordan replied

    While you are there guys... please look at the "Cart sidebar" on the shop.. the image is stretch down.

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    Jordan replied

    it seems you guys are going to take time before you can look at this issue.. so for now.. I will reinstate the old payment gateway.

    If you want to see the issue please activate "WooCommerce Stripe Gateway" plugin and go to the checkout page to see the stripe credit card box is unusable.

    Thank you for your help. cheers!

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    Art replied

    Hi Jordan,

    I just tested WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway in our live demo and it seems to work fine:

    (view large version)

    The problem in your site may be caused by any 3rd party plugin which is overwriting the style of the plugin.