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Skin colours - theme options


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    sofiachin started the conversation

    Hi! I have 3 questions regarding the skin colours.

    1. When I add a product to the woocommerce cart and delete it afterwards, the theme will give a notification of the product being deleted. This notification should be in the same colours as the skin colours selected in theme options. I changed the skin colours in theme options once to light blue. Now it stays light blue even though other colours are selected in theme options.

    How do I change this?

    2. Also when you hover on the links in the menu, the link colour becomes burgundy red, which was the old skin colour as well? This does not seem to be right unfortunately.

    3. Also can someone tell me the original skin colours for the demo bookstore?

    With that I mean:

    Background color Link color Headings color Paragraph color Footer background color Borders col


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    Ylli replied

    Hi Sofia,

    1— Please add the code below to your Custom CSS area:

    .woocommerce-Message--info, .woocommerce-info {
        background-color: #763240;

    [EDIT] I just added it for you.

    2— We add some extra CSS codes on some of our demos to make them more special, but in some rare cases they may create a problem if any client wants to create something that we haven't imagined in that case scenario.

    In your case, the color for the menu hover is on your Custom CSS area.

    See video: https://d.pr/v/f4Ioxz

    3— I send you a video where you can see the color codes for each of themsmile.png

    See video: https://d.pr/v/jBDW0m


    Have a nice day.

    Kind regards,

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    sofiachin replied

    thank you!! all good

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    Ylli replied

    I'm very happy to hear that Sofiasmile.png

    I wish you have an amazing day!

    P.S: If you enjoy our theme, you can head over to your Downloads tab and give it 5 stars. We will be forever grateful.

    Kind regards,

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