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    emkp2306 started the conversation

    Hi Laborator,

    Can you please advise on the following:

    • If you scroll down on my home page I have created a portfolio item list.(http://t3e.661.myftpupload.com/home) When you hover over the images a turquoise background appears instead of the white background and little eye that appears in the other portfolio items in the Portfolio page. (http://t3e.661.myftpupload.com/portfolio) How can I make sure it is consistent and I have the white background? 
    • Is there a way to set the maximum image height of a carousel to a percentage instead of a px dimension?
    • How can I make the page titles bigger?

    Thank you!

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    Art replied

    Hi there,

    1. There are two types how portfolio items show, the first one is with visible titles (which you're using on portfolio page) and the other one is with titles inside, so on homepage you were using the second one which was not designed under Laborator > Theme Options, I have set it to Visible Titles and it has the same look.

    2. Can you let us know for which carousel you're talking, if possible please include a link.

    3. Yes you can do that by going to Laborator > Typography and then select the Function Pro Medium and set a font size you want to use for the last row:

    (view large version)

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    emkp2306 replied


    1. Thanks! it worked!

    2. I wanted to do it for several carousels but here is an example url


    I wanted to play with the carousel height and see what it would look like at 50% or 80% of the window. Therefore it would be nice to know how to do it so I can change it for other pages as well.

    3. Amazing! 


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    Art replied

    Hi again,

    2. Unfortunately it is not possible to set it with percentage but only in pixels.

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    emkp2306 replied

    Alright, thanks. This would be really useful in the future. If you are able to change it in the future please let me know!

    Thanks to your entire team for all your support and quick responses!