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    Uwe started the conversation

    Hi there,

    first excuse my bad english, Google translater helped me a lot. We built the above website using the kalium theme. So far so good and we are very happy with the theme, even if you don't see much of it anymore. I have questions about the "Projekte" page and the "masonry items" used on the overview page.

    1. Quality of the preview pictures: The quality of the pictures is very bad. Especially if you compare them with the pictures in the slider. the same sources are used here. You can compare it well if you look at the pictures of the "Regensburg Arena". It seems to me that a small image is being scaled up here.
    Question: Can you adjust the quality of the pictures somewhere or is there another solution to the problem?

    2. Empty fields: In the bottom row, one field always remains empty / white, although there are other projects. In my opinion, we take into account the 12 rows.
    Question: What are we doing wrong and what is the solution?

    3. Distance down: We have a large distance down to the footer on all sides. The margin here is regulated by the yellow button "Show more". It works as long as the button is there. once I have loaded all the projects, the distance disappears logically because the button is no longer displayed. I wanted to regulate this via an "empty space". However, this is not taken into account.
    Question: How do I get the page to put the "empty space" under the button?

    I know that things can be a little more relaxed here. Unfortunately, my customer doesn't see it that way and so I have to get here.

    I thank you in advance and hope you are all healthy and well wherever you are.

    Best wishes Jörg

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    Ylli replied

    Hi Uwe,

    I can see that the same ticket is assigned to another team member and you will receive a reply soon. I will close this ticket now.

    Thanks for your understanding and stay safe.

    Kind regards,

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