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  • rsqrtn started the conversation

    Hello, my main and first image on the page is 2000x1713. I would like to make it full width without the left and right margins, but I cannot. No matter if I use 'full' as image size or 2000x1713 it always appears in the same size, not even close to full width.

    Second question - if I would like to add images to the above and make it a full width slider with 3 images (like this exapmle I saw in your replies - https://www.studiobianchiarchitettura.com/projects/rainbow-headquarters/?lang=en) which type of slider is best in terms of not slowing loading speed. I need simple slider, no animations just simple images. Thanks

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    Ylli replied

    Hi rsqrtn,

    1— With "my main and first image on the page" I think that you are talking about the slider in your homepage. It seems to me that the slider is appearing full-width (see video).

    2— Slider Revolution plugin offers much more options, but i think that the Layer Slider uses smaller scripts and this makes the slider and page feel faster. Thanks!

    Have a nice weekend.

    Kind regards,

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