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Scroll not working with Sticky description


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    Vincent started the conversation


    to start I updated all plugins and theme to the latest version, to be sure.

    On my version now & only on mobile devices with android 8.1.0, scrolling is not possible on some portfolio pages, I tried to change some functions, and it appears to be the sticky description. Somehow it locks the scroll, when you touch the image on the bottom (if it's visible) you can get the scroll working. it seems the area of the description, when sticky is preventing the scrolling.


    The problem does not occur on any other system for now. Can I disable sticky description only on mobile with css or smth?

    Best regards,

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    Ylli replied

    Hi Vincent,

    Is the same problem happening in any of our demos please (Link: https://www.kaliumtheme.com/demos)? 

    If not: Please disable all your third-party plugins (plugins that don't come with our theme) one by one, and check if this problem is solved.

    If yes: Then please share your Wordpress credentials because I need to login to your site and test your issue. Your information is safe here (private) in this thread.

    To include your credentials click Insert Credentials button in editor toolbar (see how)


    Kind regards,

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