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Layout Questions (Custom CSS)


  • dq-8 started the conversation


    I have some questions about your Custom CSS Section

    1a. If I want to use a single image with fullwidth, how can I control it that the image is higher on mobile devices with smaller screen? Normally the theme resize the image in the original ratio, but sometimes it will be nice if the image are on mobile devices I bit higher.

    1b. Is it possible to set a background image as "Fullwidth and parallax" background image without content, if yes, how can I control the height of the images when there is no content that "control" the height.

    2. If I use rem or em in the custom font section (css selector), must I use numbers with comma or point? it works each.

    And at the end I need some infos about the different sections for custom css.

    a. You have the custom css section (theme options) for global control incl. sections for different display sizes

    b. than you have the font section with css selectors (only font-size and without line high)

    it seems that font size doesn't work in the custom css > responsive section (only layout attributes and/or line height). if I doesn't use !imported for css, can you explain me which setting overwrite each other (from these two setting section) .

    Is the priority of the custom css > responsive over the general style? Or overwrite the general style the responsive custom css?

    and why is there no option for line height not under the Theme > typography > font. for my understanding, it would be logically if one had all the attributes for writing in one area.

    thx for a tipp and a nice start in the week tom

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    Ylli replied

    Hi dq-8,

    I don't know why, but I never saw your ticket until today, it was in the top of the list and it was very strange because it was created 10 March (so before 11 days). We are three team members and we reply to tickets every working day for 3 hours in the morning and then we work in the themes.

    As you can see we use Ticksy platform and it seems that they had some problems (read here) that they promised that they fixed and that's why I saw your ticket today only.

    Since 11 days have passed and you haven't replied again I just wanted to ask you if your have solved those questions or your still need help?

    Thank you very much for your patience.

    Kind regards,

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  • dq-8 replied

    Hi and Thx for your answer.

    i ask this a longer time before in a private ticket and you ask me to start a new request for all the members here. 

    and yes, i need some help for this questions.

    thx in advance tom

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    Ylli replied

    Hi dq-8,

    1a— You can create elements of WPBakery Page Builder that will be valid only for Mobile or PC. To learn how to achieve that please see this video Responsive Control for Devices on the WPBakery Page Builder tutorials.

    1b— Maybe there is a better alternative but I found a way to do that:

    Method 1: https://d.pr/v/4GwUFh

    Method 2: https://d.pr/v/R3yMj8

    2— You should use (point), more info here (article)

    a— Custom CSS area is in two areas in the Wordpress dashboard > Custom CSS and in the Pages itself (Parameters and Options > Custom CSS).

    For more info please read this article Adding Custom CSS.

    Custom CSS was included in the Laborator > Theme Options in the old versions of Kalium.

    b— We will check if we can include the line-height option in the Typography area, but for the for moment many users it is not a problem that this feature is not there.

    You can make CSS changes in the Custom CSS area too but it's best to change your fonts, font-sizes, font-weights in the Typography area only. And for the line height, you can change it in the Custom CSS area only for the moment.

     Have a great weekend!

    Kind regards,

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