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  Public Ticket #1891072
Updating Advanced Custom Fields PRO


  • Tonio01 started the conversation

    WordPress tells me that there is an update for Advanced Custom Fields PRO

    but asks me a license code I don't have (see attachment). Can you give me the code please.


    Attached files:  Capture1.jpg

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    Art replied

    Hi Tonio01,

    This plugin is a premium plugin but is offered for free in our theme. We update the plugin once there is an update available so you can update this plugin by going to Appearance > Install Plugins area. Anyway, we have detected that version 5.7.11 of this plugin brings some small problems in our theme so soon we will release a new theme update that will support Advanced Custom Fields PRO 5.7.11 and also will allow you to update the plugin to the latest version.

    Kind regards,

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