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Equal Size Portfolio Thumbnails all different sizes


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    gogo5 started the conversation


    I looked through the blog about portfolio thumbnails not being equal even though I have set them to be equal.

    Tried a few things, but none worked.
    Could you please help me make all my thumbs equal size?

    And please if you could explain how you did it also, so that we know how to fix this in the future.

    Thank you,



    This is the URL etrafineart.com - BUT the domain is not yet pointed to this new site. in order to view this website backend, you will have to edit your computer's host files to point to my new server: etrafineart.com www.etrafineart.com

    make sure to clear your computer's DNS cache (google how to do this for your operating system)

    for Mac OS High Sierra you have to enter this command in the terminal: 

    sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder;say DNS cache has been flushed

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    Arlind replied

    Hi Ksen,

    I saw the artists page and what I have realized that most images have 655x545 however there are images that does not fulfill the minimum required dimensions 655 by width and 545 by height. For example this image:

    (view large image)

    Has the width of 655 or greater but maximum image height is 490 so WordPress does not enlarge images.

    I suggest you to upload larger image dimensions for these items in order for them to be cropped at 655x545.

    There is also another way to reduce the size simply define the image size 470x391 and then regenerate images.

    Kind regards,

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    gogo5 replied

    Hi Arlind!

    Thank you so much. I made sure all photos are at least 655 x 545 px

    Portfolio thumbnails are now all equal size.

    Thanks for great support. I hope this can help others.

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    Arlind replied

    Hi Ksen,

    I am happy that this worked for you so now you have an idea where the problem is.

    Will close this ticket and if you have any questions feel free to open new ticket.

    P.S: If you like our theme, it would help us a lot if you could give us five star rating on themeforest from your Downloads tab. A huge thank you from Laborator in advance!

    Kind regards,

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