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Shortcode for Portfolio Categories?


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    signeralex started the conversation

    Hi! I've defined a set of categories for portfolio items (projects), and check the relevant categories in 'Portfolio Categories', when adding a new item. Those categories represent the scope of work (e.g. 'Development', 'Pre-production', 'Production', etc.).

    Then, as part of the item description, I include that scope of work. Currently, I re-type the categories manually.

    Rather than typing it manually, is there a way (e.g. via shortcode) to grab the categories from what's been checked in 'Portfolio Categories'? So, for example, could I write:

    Scope of work: [lab_portfolio_categories]

    And then the shortcode would list all of the item's categories?

    Do I make sense?

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    Art replied

    Hi signeralex,

    You've been really clear regarding your concern, but this feature is not available in the theme unfortunately. The main reason why we have set it to simple text is because you can add more detailed services done for that project.

    Kind regards,

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