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Changing Footer Widget Title Color, and other font adjustments


  • ARagas started the conversation

    Hello, I am attempting to change the theme CSS and adjust font styles and colors, but am unable to implement these changes in any of the theme's CSS files, or in its add custom CSS section. I was unable to locate these adjustments, nor know the proper CSS commands to add.

    Three tasks I am trying to accomplish:

    1 - Changing the Footer Widget Title/ Header color. By default this appears to be set to grey. I want to change this to white so it can be seen and read. Highlighted in red is what I want changed from default grey to white. 

    2 - Increasing Page text size and default font color. The pages text is difficult to read. How can I increase the page font size throughout the theme? Also, how can I set the font color to black? By default, it is grey throughout the site.

    3 - Increasing text size of product description / product page text. Where may I adjust the text size for the theme's product pages? Again, this is terribly small and unreadable. Circled in red is where we want text size significantly increased in size.

    Thank you for the assistance!

    Attached files:  page_text_larger.png

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    Art replied

    Hi there,

    Your site is on maintenance mode, and in order to help you we will need to login to see it live.

    Can you please share your site credentials here, because we need to login to your site and see this issue live. Your information is safe (private) in this thread.

    To include your credentials click Insert Credentials button in editor toolbar. (See how)

    Kind regards,

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  •   ARagas replied privately
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    Art replied

    Hi again,

    1. It seems you have changed the CSS somewhere because on some parts like this, there is a syntax error which is not allowing the title to be white, can you confirm you have changed the CSS somewhere?

     I wanted to re-install the theme but I thought you have made changes so I didn't touch it.

    3. Adding the following CSS to Custom CSS will do the job:

    .laborator-woocommerce .product-single .entry-summary div[itemprop=description] p {
        font-size: 18px;
        line-height: 1.6;

    Kind regards,

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  • ARagas replied

    Hi Art, correct. I have modified the CSS in the following location and file: /wp-content/themes/oxygen/assets/css/custom-skin.css

    The CSS value you provided below did the job. Thank you!

    All that remains is changing the footer widget header text color. Is there a specific CSS value I can implement to the custom-skin.css file?

    Otherwise I'm just thinking of removing the footer widget sections entirely. Doubt my web visitors will have the attention span to continue navigating down towards their contents............

    Thank you.

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    Art replied

    Hi ARagas,

    That's not the way you should do the changes in CSS, now when you update the theme all the changes saved there will be lost, that's why we have included a Custom CSS area where what you enter will overwrite the CSS files and the changes will remain there, even when you update the theme.

    Kind regards,

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