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  Public Ticket #1310590
Portfolio sidebar


  • martinleclercq started the conversation

    Hello again :)

    Is it possible to show a sidebar on the portfolio single page?

    I want the single portfolio page to look like the homepage. See attachment.

    The first page in the attachment is the homepage. The second page is the single portfolio page.

    Thanks again,


    Attached files:  opzet portfolio-page.pdf

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    Ylli replied

    Hi Martin,

    This is not possible officially. There is only one way to make this possible but I don't know if that work perfect or not.

    This is only possible if you use Visual Composer layout:

    (view on new page)

    Then you can structure the content and gallery manually just like in image below. So you need to use Widgetised Sidebar (Visual Composer element) to show sidebars you have created for your site.

    (view large version)

    Kind regards,

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  • martinleclercq replied

    Yes, that's working. 2 questions:

    1. do I have to do this for each new portfolio item?

    2. is it possible to show the category filter?

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    Ylli replied

    Hi Martin,

    Glad to hear that

    1— Yes, you need to do that on each portfolio that you want to activate Sidebar. 

    2— Sorry but this is not possible for the moment.


    Kind regards,

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