Issues after upgrading to Kalium v2.0 – Fixes


Can't update the theme or access admin page?

Due to the PHP versions, some users are not able to update the theme or even access the admin page after updating to 2.0. This happens only to a group of users with specific version of PHP (5.3.x or earlier versions).

Try to update the theme (Automatically or Manually)

We have just released version 2.0.4 which will fix most of the issues, so install the latest update via WordPressUpdates section or if you can't install updates automatically then download Installable WordPress file from ThemeForest and upload kalium/ files manually in wp-content/themes/ via FTP client and these issues will be fixed.

Manual patches for users who are still using versions between 2.0 - 2.0.3 specific issues: 

Cannot update Visual Composer – Fix:

This happens with earlier versions of Visual Composer or for users who where using an very old Kalium version and now updated to the latest version, so in order to activate the latest version of Visual Composer bundled in the theme follow these steps:

1. Plugins > Installed Plugins then go to WPBakery Visual Composer and click Deactivate

2. Go to AppearancePlugins and click Update for Visual Composer plugin

3. Activate Visual Composer again

Product Activation Popup – Fix:

If you have problems with "Product Activation Popup"  that is showing blank here is what you need to do to fix it:

1. Download this JavaScript file

2. Replace it in this directory in your site: ~/wp-content/themes/kalium/assets/js/admin

Refresh the page and you should be able to activate the theme properly.

Note: If you don't see the change immediately, please hard-refresh your browser (CTRL/CMD+R) because it takes longer to load the changes, as they are saved in browser cache. Another option is to open new private/incognito window and try if it works.

If your Parameters and Options layout is not appearing as it should:

Please hard-refresh your browser (CTRL/CMD+R) because it takes longer to load the changes on some browsers, as they are saved in browser cache.

If your Portfolio or Portfolio Projects are showing 404 error:

You just need to go on your Wordpress dashboard > Settings > Permalinks > select Post name and click Save.

Refresh your Portfolio page again and you should see your Portfolio