Like 2 Discount Changelog

Here you can see complete changelog of Like 2 Discount theme:

Version 1.3.1 – Oct 09, 2015

    FIX: Wrong text-domain specified in plugin

Version 1.3 – Oct 09, 2015

    NEW: "Share" and "Send" buttons are now supported – http://d.pr/16Fg1

    UPDATE: WooCommerce 2.4.7 compatibility
    UPDATE: Language files updated to latest version

    FIX: H1 tag replaced with H2 in modal container for SEO purposes
    FIX: Bug fixes and small improvements on L2D functionality

Version 1.2 – May 22, 2015

    ADDED: Envelope icon on email field is now clickable and submits the form

    FIXED: Latest WooCommerce compatibility improved
    FIXED: Email not subscribed because Page Like is not recognized

Version 1.1 – Dec 10, 2014

    ADDED: Email confirmation is now optional, you can disable/enable this in WooCommerce
    ADDED: Sharing liked page/post with a comment in users wall, you can disable/enable this 
    in WooCommerce settings

    FIXED: Issue with Envato purchase verification (purchase code)
    FIXED: CSS fixes and improvements

Version 1.0 – Aug 12, 2014

    Initial Release