Portfolio doesn't load all the projects (Kalium 2.9.4 bug)

We just detected this problem because it was reported from few users, our team investigated this bug and we found out that Slider Revolution plugin released a new update to their plugin 6.2.x and it seems that one of the featured that plugin changed caused one of our theme libraries to not work properly.

A new theme update will be released soon (2.10) and with a lot of new options it will also include this fix.

If you can not wait for the update then you can manually fix this problem easily. 

Here is what you need to do:

  • Download this zip file 
  • Unzip it and you will see the extracted file "main.min.js".
  • Replace the downloaded "main.min.js" file with the old one in this location wp-content/kalium/assets/js

Now the problem is fixed.