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  • deb_cal2 started the conversation

    Few things to customize:-

    1. How can we set the Blog Excerpt length for Blog Posts module?

    2. Currently in the category page, all categories are showing in heading. How can I display only the specific category name which I have opened?

    3. How can we center align the text of "Heading" module?

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    Ylli replied

    Hi deb_cal2,

    1— You can add your own excerpt and there you can decide how long it will be (see video).

    2— Please send me your WordPress credentials, because I need to login to your site and test this.

    To include your credentials click the Insert Credentials button in the editor toolbar (see how) so your reply will be private.

    3— Please use the "Custom Heading" element and you have the option to align left, center or right.


    Kind regards,

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