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New Portfolio Type (Boxed Layout)


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    hahni started the conversation

    Based on my other post I am asking if it would be possible in the future / or in the next update that a new portfolio type could be exist:

    Boxed Portfolio Content....it means that the image layout in the portfolio detail page is with the "boxed masonry" module possible. Actually I have to make portfolio entries to choose these and build a portfolio archive view - but the goal would be to arrange the images in a single portfolio with the boxed layout and choose from the gallery.

    the existing masonry mode in the portfolio single view is not the solution because I have always the offset from the item spacing.

    Regards Andre

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    Art replied

    Hi Andre,

    I am sorry but IĀ could not understand your request, can you please make it more specific and if possible include a sketch or a screenshot of what you want to achieve.